JoGo – Dubai’s first Social Robot

JoGo is a concierge robot designed from the ground up as an advanced and social interactive machine.

JoGo is a 15 degree of freedom humanoid robot built with our flagship Artificial Intelligence Processing Engine (AIPU) that allows him to process information from all his sensors, react to and interact with the world around him.

JoGo has been designed for forward-looking businesses and enterprises seeking to elevate their image, engage and attract customers through state of the art technology.

Coupled with the ability to recognize people, the robot will be able to greet them in a customized format, interact with them in a friendly and social manner, and provide them with useful information and content that is relevant to the specific business case.

JoGo can be customized to integrate with existing information systems such as retrieving flight information in an airport, extracting patient data in a hospital, or even reading guest data in a hotel. This information can then be used within the user interaction scenarios to present even further customized content to a specific person.

JoGo is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and language processing that gives him the ability to connect to the Internet and intelligently answer any question that comes to mind such as reading our the latest news, stock updates, giving weather reports, or how your favorite sports team is doing.

JoGo also connects with a cloud service that enables him to integrate with customized apps that can expand its capabilities beyond a sole intended purpose. Through apps, the robot can entertain people by playing games, story telling, and even be a personal health/exercise instructor.

2016 Pilot demo:​

Our areas of technical research in the field of robotics include:

  • Neural Networks
  • Vision Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Adaptive Control
  • Artificial Emotions
  • Feedback Control and Regulation
  • Motor Control and Legged Locomotion
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Social Robotics
  • Advanced State Machines
  • Evolutionary Computation

Industry Applications in a Retail Business:

Across multiple industries, JoGo can apply his skill set in the retail space enhancing the overall customer experience and improving the image of the company he represents and better engaging its customers. Industries include Hospitality, Corporate, Aviation, Industrial, Banking and Retail.

Businesses deploying social robots improve customer interaction, engagement and reflect on a forward looking vision of the company.

Application Categories: Welcome, Present, Advise, Entertain, Checkout.

Applications Specifics:

  • Welcome, meet and greet
  • Provide useful information about the business
  • Product and/or service presentation and demonstration
  • Advise customers intelligently based on their input
  • Deliver personalized content to customers by recognizing them
  • Customer loyalty program integration
  • Entertain guests
  • Software integration with existing business technologies
  • Handling customer feedback and checkout

We plan on launching a full size (145cm) JoGo 2.0 in 2017.

Sneak Peak, photo of the first JoGo 2.0 prototype:

JoGo Prototype
JoGo Prototype

Initial Renders of JoGo 1.0:

Dancing JoGo the Robot Render
Dancing JoGo the Robot Render

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