JoGo is ready to participate in your events. He is ready to present his skills and speak customized content.

JoGo Pilot stands 145cm. He can see, hear, walk, talk, sing and dance, even recognize people.

With our events service, JoGo can be programmed to speak bespoke content customized for each customer. He can perform a speech, run an interview, be an MC (Master of Ceremonies), and conduct a presentation about your company, organization, event, or product.

JoGo can also participate in real life user interactions where he can interact with your co-host or guests and answer questions pertaining to your specific use-case.

Our goal from this service is to provide a bespoke experience to guests and visitors which will give your brand a competitive marketing edge and leave them with something significant to remember and associate your brand and organization by.

With JoGo you will:

  • Improve visitor experience
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Impress and leave a long lasting impression
  • Engage the visitor with state of the art technology that will ensure you get the right message across to the right people
  • Educate the visitor about your products, services, or organization
  • Reduce visitor waiting times by providing customized fast and interactive services
  • Entertain visitors with creative content designed for sociability

To hire JoGo for this type of service. Please reach out to us at: