JoGo’s software is made up of several functional blocks each having a specific set of goals and functions and a very sophisticated system to manage them and exchange data between them.

AIPU – Artificial Intelligence Processing Unit

  • Proprietary methods for processing of all data from all functional and control groups
  • Messaging and data exchange between all threads and functional blocks
  • Natural Language processing
  • Short term and long term memory tracking
  • Analysis and machine learning

Motor Control

  • Position sequencing and posture management
  • Movement sequencing
  • Health, temperature, and load monitoring of joints
  • Maintaining robot balance through COM tracking and acquiring zero load stance
  • Realtime Face tracking
  • Concurrent Gesture Control and face tracking through intelligent multi threading and interrupt calls
  • Position Snapshots and Gestures creation, recording, synchronization, optimization, and playback

Vision Control

  • Face detection
  • Real time face tracking and filtering of external disturbances
  • Face recognition
  • Emotion recognition
  • Pattern recognition and QR code extraction

Speech Control

  • Voice activity detection
  • Speech recognition
  • Speech synthesis

Sensor Control

  • Interfacing with various external Electronic components
  • Voltage and current sensing
  • Touch sensors
  • Ultra sonic distance sensors

Power Control

  • Power management and delivery
  • Battery and Charge Control and management
JoGo’s Functional Blocks

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