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Major benefits to social robotics in a business Social robot is to create an intimate and personalized experience with a customer. This leads to better engagement, and improved customer retention.

Customer loyalty programs have been around for a long time and their goal is to retain customers using reward programs but more importantly through consumer intelligence algorithms that analyze customer preferences and transaction history and give product or service recommendations based on that information.

The delivery system for this analytics has always been static, emails and SMS have been a common approach to this. With social robotics a business can create a more intimate relationship with the customer by changing the delivery system from a static approach to a completely interactive and immersive experience.

The goal is to make scustomers feel like the business (represented by the robot) not only knows them, but also understands their needs and wants and act accordingly with the properly targeted product recommendations.

In our opinion, that level of intimate interaction cannot be achieved via traditional mediums and this is why Robotics will have a significant role to play in the retail stores in the future.

A typical day in the retail store of the future is where a customer say her name is Karen, walks into a clothing store, she is carrying her purse which contains a customer loyalty card with NFC technology. JoGo welcomes Karen and immediately recognizes her information and real time transaction history by scanning her loyalty card and integrating with the stores backend database. JoGo then delivers a more personalized welcome and searches for any notifications from the marketing team to this specific customer.

“Hi Karen, welcome back, thank you for visiting us twice in a week, I noticed that you enjoyed purchasing items from our new fall line, I am happy to inform you that we have introduced 2 retro styles to the fall line. I would also like to offer you a 20% discount on anything you purchase today, enjoy your shopping and please let me know if I can be of any further assistance”.

Notifying a customer of a reward through the robot is also an important part of customer intelligence. A Robot can offer perks based on monetary transactions, shopping frequency, or even survey responses. This shows appreciation for a customers’ actions. Personalized rewards ensure businesses give customers what they desire. It also shows that a business is truly invested in the customer experience.

This same concept can apply across all kinds of sectors including banking, hospitals and aviation. Giving the robot the ability to indent icy a customer will add a layer of efficiency, intelligence and intimacy with the business creating stronger bonds with customers to better retain their business.

Going a level above customer intelligence is the integration with Point of Sale (POS) systems. For example, a Robot who identifies a customer and recognizes his preference to a certain drink, can as if the customer would like to order the same drink again (a latte with 2 extra sugars) and upon confirmation give the order wirelessly to the POS system. The interaction is smooth, efficient, and saves the store and the customer time while showing the customer that the business understands his peronalized preferences.

The merge between loyalty program integration, customer identification, information extraction, analysis, and artificial intelligence will give any business a cutting edge advantage over their competitors and form stronger relationships with their customers.

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