Welcome to NueRobotics, a Dubai based firm specializing in Robotics.

We aim to build social robots that become an essential part of our every day life. Our goal is to create robots that have unique personalities, that can provide social companionship and provide automated access to online information. Our vision is that robots will be able to learn new things, play games, welcome guests, present, advise on useful information, entertain, serve drinks, keep a secure eye on a property against intruders. We believe that robotics and artificial intelligence has a place in every future business and home, we plan on playing a major role in making that future a reality.

Our Vision

To improve your quality of life with social robots.

Our Mission

Become a pioneer in innovation, research and production of personal social robotics.

Our First Project – JoGo the Robot *Pilot Version

Photo Mar 09, 2 50 25 AM

*Disclaimer: JoGo Pilot is based on the open source 3D printed Robotic Platform The Poppy Project created by Inria Flowers.